Wet dog food
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Our Advent calender 2022, XXL 300g jam-packed with our
NEW VITAMINS and lovingly hand-filled.


Our dry dog food is a natural complete feed for dogs and is produced in our particularly gentle cold-pressing process and is therefore full of valuable vitamins and nutrients. We only use selected and fresh muscle meat from chicken and nutrient-rich ingredients such as beetroot, acai berries, pomegranate, moringa, green tea, special herb and oil mix and much more for our best friends. Sugar, gluten, slaughterhouse waste or unnecessary chemical additives such as preservatives, attractants, flavorings or colorings do not get into our dog superfood. Thanks to our gentle production process, our dry dog food are particularly well tolerated and the vitamins can be absorbed and used particularly well by your pooch.

Wet canned food

We prepare our menus lovingly and carefully according to the high food quality standards in Germany. All our selected and valuable ingredients are veterinary tested and are subject to a 100% quality and freshness guarantee before they end up in our menu jars for your loved ones. In order to ensure that all the valuable vitamins, nutrients, minerals and fats of these selected ingredients and SUPERFOORDS are retained in our menus, we process all the fresh ingredients directly and in a vitamin-nutrient-friendly manner for our furry friends.

Vitamin-rich treats

Our 6 tasty ORGANIC treats full of VITAMINS and SUPERFOODS and top quality meat are carefully roasted over beech wood and lovingly produced in Germany. Our treats contain only the best quality fresh and organic meat and carefully selected SUPERFOODS for daily vitamin intake and superpowers. Our snacks are a natural and vitamin-rich reward for your dog for in between meals. We don’t use sugar, gluten or chemical additives such as preservatives, locks, aromas or colorings!

Our superhero trio

Together, our superhero trio is on a natural superfood mission and naturally makes dear furry friends strong and puts a protective coat around them.

Our superfood bones

Here you will find vitamin-rich chewing fun for your dear furry friend. Extraordinary and vitamin-rich chewing bones and chewing sticks of the best quality with lots of SUPERFOODS and herbs. Our chewing bones are lovingly produced in Germany for your fur nose WITHOUT binding agents, sugar, gluten, inferior meat or chemical additives such as preservatives, attractants, flavorings or colorings.


Pure, lean muscle meat from the chicken

We use PURE MUSCLE MEAT of the best quality from lean chicken in our dry food. Our chicken is easily digestible for your furry friend and a low-fat source of protein for maintaining and building up muscles, organs and enzymes.

Chicken breast is an excellent source of the vital nutrients iron, zinc and soul.


Vitamins from real and fresh SUPERFOODS

In addition to sufficient exercise, lots of stroking and contact with other dogs, the right diet is of course also important.

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"Weil du ein Teil unserer Familie bist..."

...schätzen wir dich wert und wollen nur das Beste für dich.

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"Weil du mich jeden Tag motivierst..."

...will auch ich dir ein glückliches Leben ermöglichen.

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"Weil du immer an meiner Seite bist..."

...beweise ich dir meine Dankbarkeit.

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"Weil du mein bester Freund bist..."

...wünsche ich dir ein langes und erfülltes Leben an meiner Seite.

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"Weil du mich jeden Tag zum lachen bringst..."

...will ich dir soviel Freude wie möglich bereiten.

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"Weil du meine Welt zu einem schöneren Ort machst..."

...möchte ich jeden Tag für dich da sein.

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A comparison of cold-pressed and extruded dog food

The extruded food slightly changes in water. If you look very closely you can see how it slowly starts to swell. The size of the individual lumps of food increases from hour to hour, but continues to swim on the water surface. Our dogs' stomachs are often overstretched by the swelling food.

The pellets, on the other hand, fall directly to the ground in the water and decompose very quickly. The nutrients can thus be absorbed more quickly.


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That makes us special

Our dog food is natural and full of vitamins.

We use extra, carefully selected and high-quality superfoods


With us you only get natural products full of vitamins

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We do not use any flavor enhancers, preservatives or colorings

Our products are manufactured using our gentle cold pressing process

"Because you are worth it to us..."

That's what we always say to our dog Lilly and we only want the very best for her. We at GREEN PAWLY firmly believe that the dog is what it eats - just like us humans, right? And that is in our hands. Superfoods play an essential role in our diet. Then why not for our darling? It is important to us to produce food and supplementary food for dogs with a high dose of vitamins and nutrients without chemical additives. Our ingredients are from nature - as it should be. And thanks to our special and gentle cold-pressing process, the carefully selected and valuable vitamins and minerals remain in our products, in contrast to conventional dry food.

Are you just as crazy about dogs as we are?


Become part of our community and the team:


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Feel free to share your experiences and link us to our products.

Real superfoods for your dog

Everyone is talking about Superfoods. Why not use them for our beloved four-legged friends as well?

We supplement our diet with vitamin-rich superfoods to do something good for our body and mind. Smoothies with wheatgrass prepared in the morning or "to go" or colorfully decorated nutrient-rich acai bowls - superfoods have convinced many and helped them to lead a lifestyle rich in vitamins.

As you build your next bowl of balanced nutrition, why not do the same for your loved one? GREEN PAWLY turns your pet's feeding bowl into a real superfood bowl, tailored precisely to the needs of our four-legged friends. Thanks to selected ingredients and superfoods, the nutrients and vitamins in our dry food are plentiful and far exceed the industry standard. Your dog will thank you.


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Our dry dog food in a discount subscription

Get a price advantage now and make it easy for yourself. Use our practical subscription and get all your desired products from GREEN PAWLY delivered on time. You can set up a subscription for all products in the shopping cart.

Hund im Lieferauto
Katharina und Lilly von GREEN PAWLY

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Quality food based on science

We don't want to make promises to our customers that we can't keep. Unfortunately, you know this all too well from other products where the advertising promises the moon. When developing GREEN PAWLY dry food, we therefore worked with experts from various fields, who pursued one goal together: to create natural dog food in harmony with nature.

Our team includes a laboratory that extensively tests our compositions for nutritional content and naturalness. In consultation with veterinarians, we have included the current state of science, which should be part of contemporary dog nutrition. We ensure that this is actually reflected in our food by consciously selecting our producers and suppliers.

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