Katharina und Lilly von GREEN PAWLY

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Our lovely Lilly came to us almost 13 years ago by a magical coincidence as a foundling baby and since then she has been our everything – just like your furry friends are for you too. About 5 years ago, Lilly unfortunately became very ill and the chances of survival and life expectancy were very low. We wanted to do something to help her. The saying »you are what you eat« plays a big role in our life and we try to get as many vitamins and nutrients as possible from nature‘s ingredients. That‘s exactly what we wanted to do for Lilly. Our Lilly should also get such a diet and that was now in our hands. Lilly is part of our family and her diet should be just as important as our own. Unfortunately we couldn‘t find food that met our expectations. There was no dog food with a proven amount of fresh superfoods, herbs, vitamins, etc. and lots of natural ingredients and most importantly without unnecessary chemical additives. So, together with experts and full of care and love we created our own food which combines all our requirements. In addition, our food is manufactu- red using a very special and gentle cold-pressing process, in which all the valuable vitamins and nutrients of our high-quality and selected ingredients and SUPERFOODS are preserved and not destroyed by heat. Thanks to our very special recipe and all the lovingly selected ingredients and our gentle cold-pressing process, furry friends can digest our food particularly well and utilize the nutrients.

That‘s how GREEN PAWLY® started together with me and Lilly. Our dear cutie then stayed with us for another six magical years and gave us so much joy every day. Sadly and with a heavy heart we had to say goodbye to our sweetheart last year after a wonderful holiday together in the mountains. At the age of 14 and as a happy grandmother she fell asleep peacefully in our arms and we are infinitely grateful for the wonderful and unexpectedly long time with her. Lilly will always be a huge part of our hearts and of course also of GREEN PAWLY®. We have named her our little SUPERHERO-LILLY. As this cute drawing with a superhero cape, Lilly accompa-
nies you and us through all our lovingly put together SUPERFOOD creations and shows you which valuable SUPERFOODS are in our products and which small SUPERPOWERS they can offer your dear floppy ears. Since the end of 2020 a small golden cute superhero-assistant joined our family. Emmy now actively supports me and the entire GREEN PAWLY® team as a little co-assistant and helps us and our team of experts to create wonderful new SUPERFOOD-creations for your dear furry friends with lots of love.

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