We at GREEN PAWLY want to offer our darlings a diet that is as close as possible to their natural one with our specially developed food. For us, this means: close to prey, rich in nutrients and free from chemical flavorings and preservatives. In addition to natural ingredients such as chicken, beets, valuable oils and many others, we also use a manufacturing process that preserves all the nutrients. Only in this way can all vitamins, minerals and macronutrients such as carbohydrates and proteins be fully absorbed and utilized by the dog. That's why we decided to use the so-called cold pressing process in our production. In this text we will show you how cold-pressed dog food is made and the advantages it has for your four-legged friend.

What is cold pressed dog food?

Cold-pressed dog food means dog food that is manufactured according to a specific process. With this type of feed production, the ingredients are further processed at low temperatures. For this purpose, the different ingredients of our feed such as chicken, whole grain rice, beetroot, açaí berries and many others are first dried and finely ground. The ground ingredients are then mixed in the correct ratio. In this way, the food corresponds to the natural needs of the dog and contains all the important nutrients in sufficient quantities. The mixture is then pressed through holes with the help of a roller using high pressure into its typical dog-friendly pellet shape. However, as the name of the process suggests, this happens at a temperature of only 45 degrees at most.


Benefits of Cold Pressed Dog Food

The low-temperature processing of the natural ingredients offers a number of advantages:

1. By working at a low temperature, the nutrients in the ingredients are largely preserved and ultimately benefit your four-legged friend in all their diversity. This advantage of cold-pressed dog food was of great importance to us during development: Choosing the right ingredients is of course very important in order to be able to cover the needs of the dog. All good ingredients in the food are useless if they don't reach your darling in the end. Therefore, a gentle process that preserves the nutrients of the ingredients as best as possible was particularly important to us.

2. With our cold-pressed dog food, we try to keep the processing of the ingredients to a minimum. The ingredients should reach your four-legged friend as unprocessed as possible in order to ensure a natural diet. In this case, your dog's diet is similar to that of humans - for us natural foods are also far healthier than industrially processed foods to which additives such as artificial flavorings and preservatives have been added.

3. Cold-pressed food is often easier for dogs to digest. It does not swell in the stomach, but due to the low level of processing, it breaks down more easily into its natural components, which can then be easily digested by the dog's stomach. In numerous experiments that simulate the digestion of dogs, the better "solubility" of cold-pressed dog food can be seen: the dog food is "dissolved" after a short time. Perhaps you have already made this observation yourself with your fur nose: If you previously fed it dog food that was not produced using the cold-press method and your dog vomits after one to two hours, the dog food is still clearly recognizable. This is because the dog cannot yet digest the food due to the heavy processing.

4. As we all know, taste is very subjective. Nevertheless, it is believed that the less processing of the ingredients in the dog food in the cold-press process ensures a better taste because it is fresher and more natural.

Prevent stomach torsion with cold-pressed dog food

Many dog owners fear that the wrong dog food will cause an upset stomach in their four-legged friend. With a gastric torsion, the dog's stomach rotates on its own axis. In contrast to our stomach, the dog's is not really "solid", but is only held in its position by various ligaments. A torsion in the stomach is life-threatening for dogs, so as dog owners we try everything to prevent it. Cold-pressed dog food can reduce the risk of gastric torsion because it doesn't swell in the stomach and can be digested more quickly by the dog. Nevertheless, you should give your fur nose a rest after eating and pay close attention to when and how often you feed your dog..

Cold-pressed dog food with a high meat content and gluten-free

Unlike other types of food, our cold-pressed dry food is naturally gluten-free. For a healthy source of carbohydrates, the GREEN PAWLY food consists of 33% wholegrain rice, which is easy to digest and, in contrast to other types of grain, is therefore also suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Our dry food also contains a high meat content of 35%. Chicken meat is extremely rich in protein and is important for healthy dog nutrition that is close to the prey.

A comparison of cold-pressed and extruded dog food

In addition to cold-pressed dog food, there is also so-called extruded food. In contrast to the gentle cold pressing process, this is processed at very high temperatures of up to 120 degrees. As a result, the food loses many important nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, which are very important for a balanced and healthy diet - also for dogs. The production of dog food is like cooking: Many nutrients do not survive the high temperatures and are lost. Sometimes the lost nutrients are subsequently added back to the food, but in a synthetic form, making extruded dog food less natural than the cold-pressed alternative.

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