Your dog is what he eats.

Lillys Hundepfote


Our philosophy at GREEN PAWLY is to produce a healthy, nutritious and natural diet adapted to the needs of the dog. We manufacture all our products with the basic idea that nature offers us everything we and our four-legged friends need for a healthy and vital lifestyle. Noone needs unnatural additives and that's why we completely do without chemical aromas, attractants and preservatives. GREEN PAWLY offers everyone who eats nature-conscious food the opportunity to do the same for their four-legged friend.

At GREEN PAWLY, we ensure that our dogs deserve natural, high-quality nutrition. In addition to meat and fiber, your darling needs a variety of other vital substances just like you. Vitamins and nutrients that nature offers us with the help of superfoods, medicinal plants, herbs and much more. We have experienced for ourselves that our well-being and vitality have improved since we have been supplementing our diet with superfoods on a daily basis. We want to make this possible for our four-legged friend and pass it on. After all, all of our dogs are part of the family.

You are what you eat, just like your dog.

With the help of our producers, laboratories and veterinarians, GREEN PAWLY has tested which superfoods are also valuable for dogs. Our superfoods are full of vital substance-rich and nutrient-rich ingredients, which can have a variety of positive effects on the organism and well-being, as well as the immune system of your dog. To ensure that the valuable nutrients are retained in our feed, we manufacture our feed using our special and particularly gentle cold-pressing process. Here, the ingredients of the feed are only heated at around 35 degrees instead of the usual around 130-180 degrees, so that the vitamins and nutrients are not lost. Our manufacturing process thus guarantees GREEN PAWLYS irresistible and genuine taste of nature.

Healthy and conscious nutrition

We love dogs just like you! For this reason, GREEN PAWLY has been dealing with the subject of dog food for a long time and with the help of experts. The result is selected products that become real superfoods for your beloved four-legged friend. With GREEN PAWLY you have the security of feeding in a species-appropriate and natural way. After all, you also pay attention to a healthy and conscious diet for yourself.

Conventional dry dog foodGREEN PAWLYS dry dog food
Sugar & lots of carbohydrates Long Chain Carbohydrates
flavor enhancer Natural taste
slaughterhouse waste High fresh meat content
Unhealthy Gluten High fresh meat content
Few vitamins or artificially added Vitamins from fresh, natural ingredients
Few minerals Enough minerals
Bad processing Gently cold-pressed
Stodgy Gentle on the stomach
Many chemical additives No chemical additives
Conventional manufacturing process Cold-pressing process that preserves vitamins and nutrients
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