Green Pawly Adventskalender Set

Includes 7% MwSt.

rich in vitamins, natural and cold-pressed
with 10 nutrient-rich SUPERFOODS

Manufactured in our vital and nutrient-sparing cold pressing process

  • nutrient, - and vitamin-rich complete feed for dogs
  • selected, best quality of all ingredients
  • 25% crude protein content
  • above-average proporation of fresh meat
  • near-prey and near-natural recipe
  • natural and unadulterated taste
  • Gentle on the stomach thanks to naturally bound, vital fiber
  • Gluten free
  • Without chemical additives
  • Without genetically modified ingredients
  • Without flavor enhancers
  • Without slaughterhouse waste
Includes 7% MwSt.
(35,00  / 100 g)
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Includes 7% MwSt.
(8,97  / 100 g)
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Includes 7% MwSt.
(7,78  / 100 g)
Delivery Time: 2-3 working days

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Made in germany

How much fresh meat is really in our dry food?

Because honesty and customer transparency as well as trust are important to us, we correctly state the dried meat content (35%) in our
cold-pressed food when listing the ingredients. The fresh meat it contains must always be dried before it is produced in the cold pressing process.
During this process, the fresh meat loses volume, water and weight. The approx. 900 g of fresh meat we use weighs only 350 g after
drying and 
accounts for 35% of our food per kg in dried form.

Extensive tests for optimal effect

Before we offer you healthy dry food in our online shop, all products have been extensively tested. The first step for us is always the selection of the right ingredients, which our extensive tests have shown to have particularly good effects on your dog. Our dog food is therefore always a quality product made in Germany. The vital elements and nutrients in our feed are preserved through the use of our gentle cold-pressing process.
Only high-quality meat from the region is used in the production of GREEN PAWLYS dog food. Meat waste, flavor enhancers, preservatives and flavorings are deliberately avoided. In order to make digestion easier for your darling, we also deliberately avoid classic gluten. Instead, we rely on high-quality and stomach-friendly wholegrain rice as an admixture.

Conscious nutrition – essential for humans and animals

In addition to sufficient exercise, lots of stroking and contact with other dogs, the right diet is of course also important.


chicken meat

Our chicken meat is exclusively high quality and a high quality source of protein.

brown rice

Gluten-free, easily digestible and therefore well suited for dogs with a sensitive stomach.
Rote Rübe

Red beet

Well-tolerated and low-calorie, as well as vitamin-rich source of dietary fiber. Can have a positive effect on blood and cell formation and digestion.

Our oil blend

Three valuable oils combined, which thanks to their fatty acids can strengthen the immune system and cell structure.

10 valuable superfoods

Our berry mix


Acai berries

The acai berry is a true all-rounder full of antioxidants and vitamins. It promotes the neutralization of free radicals, cell protection and can promote a high regenerating effect.

rose hip

The rosehip is a high-grade vitamin C supplier and pick-me-up. May help relieve joint pain and inflammation. The muscles and the urinary activity can be strengthened.


Can relieve joint pain and can have a positive effect on stomach and intestinal complaints. The contained ellagic acid can have a positive effect on liver detoxification, strengthens the blood vessels and helps to regenerate the intestinal mucosa.
Grüner Tee

Green tea

The production of harmful acids and bacteria is reduced. Bones and teeth can be strengthened and the risk of arthritis reduced. Beneficial effect on stomach and cardiovascular system.


Moringa is one of the most nutrient-rich plants on earth, which can reduce stress levels and produce energy. Can have a supportive effect on viral diseases, worms, mites, arthrosis and other joint diseases.


Provides chlorophyll, which can strengthen the entire organism in the event of allergies, a lack of vital substances and infections. Spirulina can have a supporting effect on the immune and cardiovascular systems.


Can protect against free radicals and infections. Favors the inhibition of inflammatory processes. Can lead to an improvement in cell renewal, as well as skin and tissue structure.


Can prevent binding and absorption of environmental toxins. The organism and the liver as well as the intestine can be relieved and detoxified.

seaweed meal

May support thyroid function. Oral health and digestion can be positively influenced.

herbal mix

May have a digestive and calming effect on the stomach and intestines. Can have a supportive effect on kidney activity and body detoxification. Strengthening of cartilage, tissue, bones and claws can be promoted.

Your best friend will thank you

A healthy diet can have many positive effects on a dog.

Vorteile für den Hund
More vitalityStrong immune systemBetter digestionShiny fur
Your beloved four-legged friend quickly gains new energy, which is reflected in higher vitality and a greater zest for life.GREEN PAWLY sustainably promotes your dog's immune system so that it can better ward off impending diseases in the future.With our natural, easily digestible nutrients, you no longer have to worry about your dog's metabolism.The change in diet can also be quickly recognized from the outside by a healthy-looking coat with a natural shine.
dental healthhealthy weightcell protectionStrong bones
Our dry food is easy to chew and actively helps to keep your pet's natural teeth for a long time.With GREEN PAWLY dry food, your dog's weight control is not a problem, which will be even more active without being overweight.For a long life and healthy organs, cell protection is essential, which is promoted by the valuable ingredients in our feed.Many dogs suffer from brittle bones as they age. Our high-quality lining actively counteracts these complaints.


Why did we choose the cold pressing process for our dry food?

High quality ingredients are dried and ground at only 40 degrees fresh and gently pressed into the pellet form. This means that the heat-sensitive and valuable vitamins, nutrients and high-quality fatty acids are retained in our feed. This gives you the certainty that your dog can absorb all the ingredients and that all the valuable nutrients can develop their full effect. Thanks to this gentle manufacturing method, the flavors and aromas are also retained. As a result, our dry food offers your dog an unadulterated, natural and particularly intense taste experience.

Advantages of our dry dog food

The quality of GREEN PAWLY convinces you and your dog with further advantages.

  • Our dry food is absolutely gentle on the stomach. Our quality food is therefore also perfectly suitable for dog breeds with a sensitive metabolism.
  • Our feed ensures natural food quality. Pure meat without meat waste from the region forms the basis, supplemented by other valuable ingredients.
  • Thanks to the use of our cold-press process, both the ingredients and the taste are preserved, which your dog will thank you for every day.
  • Thanks to the intelligent composition of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, our food covers all of your dog's daily nutritional needs.
  • Of course, there are no flavor enhancers, artificial flavors or similar ingredients in our dry food that would speak against a purely natural diet.
  • We deliberately avoid grain and gluten and only use rice as a source of fiber. This makes our feed even easier to digest.

Conventional dry dog foodGREEN PAWLYS dry dog food
Sugar & lots of carbohydrates Long Chain Carbohydrates
flavor enhancer Natural taste
slaughterhouse waste High fresh meat content
Unhealthy Gluten High fresh meat content
Few vitamins or artificially added Vitamins from fresh, natural ingredients
Few minerals Enough minerals
Bad processing Gently cold-pressed
Stodgy Gentle on the stomach
Many chemical additives No chemical additives
Conventional manufacturing process Cold-pressing process that preserves vitamins and nutrients

Complete feed for dogs: natural, cold-pressed and with lots of SUPERFOODS

The dog was originally a predator. He fed exclusively on ingredients that he found in nature and that offered him everything he needed for a healthy life. In addition to the hunted prey with all its components, this also included many types of vegetables, berries, herbs, mineral earth and green plants..

With the basic idea that nature offers us everything you and your four-legged friend need for a healthy and vital lifestyle, we at GREEN PAWLY manufacture all our products. On this basis, we have developed this natural, vitamin-rich, complete dog food for dogs with our producer in the Westerwald. Thanks to carefully selected, high-quality, natural and above all nutrient-rich ingredients, SUPERFOODS, mineral earth and herbal plants, this dry food covers all of your dog's needs and requirements in our opinion and offers him a large number of extra vitamins compared to many other foods. Due to our recipe and our production in the particularly gentle cold pressing process, the valuable vitamins and vital substances of our high-quality ingredients are preserved. Thus, this food offers GREEN PAWLY's natural, unadulterated and irresistible taste for your darling.

At GREEN PAWLY, we ensure that our dogs deserve natural, high-quality nutrition. In addition to meat and fiber, your darling needs, just like you, a variety of other vital substances, vitamins and nutrients that nature offers us with the help of superfoods, medicinal plants and herbs, among other things. We have had the experience ourselves and with our dog that our well-being and vitality have improved positively since we supplement our diet with superfoods every day. We want to make that possible for your four-legged friend too. After all, all of our dogs are part of the family.

Our priority was to develop an all-round prey-close, natural and nutrient-rich dog food. We have set ourselves the goal of creating a dry food that is full of great ingredients of the best quality and does not do so with chemical preservatives, attractants or colorings or slaughterhouse waste. Instead we use more valuable vitamins and minerals. It was important to us that our feed is produced using the gentle cold-pressing process, in which the feed is gently pressed at a maximum of 45 degrees so that all the valuable vitamins in the ingredients and the natural taste are retained. Conventional food brands produce their food at 90-130 degrees, which is faster, but unfortunately many important nutrients and vitamins are lost. Together with our producer in the Westerwald, we have researched and developed what must be contained in dog food in order to feed a dog species-appropriate, natural and rich in vital substances.

With our loving and controlled production in Germany, we stand for sustainability and freshness.

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